Running/Cardio Membership

Winter is coming!  Time to hang up those running shoes? … well, maybe NOT!

Athletes who participate in running races, from the weekend warrior who hits the 5k trail, to the athlete working to hit that qualifying time in a marathon, you need to train year round.  Yet, our great State makes it difficult to train in the winter.

Yes, you can go to one of the discount fitness centers and jump on their motorized treadmills… but this will not enhance your training, in fact it will detract from your performance.  Yes, it’s better than nothing, but, that motor moving the belt along is a hinderance to making gains.  It’s doing much of the work for you.  There is an option.  CrossFit Undaunted now has two Assault Air Runners ready for your training program.

Air Assault Runner

These machines will challenge you in ways a traditional treadmill will not.  The curved deck will allow you to take a full gate while running, while forcing you to perfect good posture to ensure you get the most out of the machine.

We also have Assault Air Bikes and Concept 2 Rowers to enhance your training.  Don’t lose your competitive advantage over the winter.  C’mon in and see what we have to offer.  You will improve over the winter, not just maintain.  The bikes and rowers will add an explosive strength component to your training that will absolutely help you in the upcoming season.

Running/Cardio membership is $35/month, unlimited use.  Contact Mark at for your free trial session!