Vanessa Knipping

Vanessa is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist with a Board Certification in Sports Nutrition who can help you create an action plan to debunk diet rumors, myths, and fads and to teach you how to use the combination of real food and exercise to live a balanced life.

Evelyn Kelley

Lyn is a Coach and nutrition counselor with over 18 years experience in helping clients reach their goals.  Certified in many disciplines, Lyn is ready and eager to help you achieve your nutritional and athletic goals.

Let us help you make the changes you deserve!

Undaunted Nutrition offers one-on-one, personalized diet and nutritional guidance to help you reach aesthetic and athletic goals. Nutrition is a critical element for improving body composition, increasing athletic performance and most importantly improving overall health. We make dieting less complicated by providing our clients with customized macronutrient breakdowns, nutritional advice, dietary supplement recommendations, emotional support and continuing education to assure you that you can reach your desired goals.

We focus on providing you with the necessary tools so you can develop and sustain a realistic diet plan and create a healthy relationship with food. We will provide insight on nutrient timing specific to your lifestyle and overall goals and teach you how to properly fuel your body to make you feel and look your absolute best.

Undaunted nutrition can help you find a balanced diet and lifestyle that is sustainable for long term. With the help of your coach keeping you on track and you being consistent with your diet, you will reach your nutrition and fitness goals.

One-on-One Personal Training

$300 per month

One-on-One Personal Training puts a Coach right in your corner ready to tackle all aspects of your training. Working together on your athletic endeavors… lifting, gymnastics, cardio, your Coach can do it all and will work with YOU to help you make significant progress. Nutrition counseling is included in this package and will be a topic of each training session.

This training plan includes a 1-hour session each week to go over nutrition, work on skills, plan your training schedule and help push your game to the next level. The first month will include an extra hour to establish a nutrition and training baseline to work from. This cost is for personal training only and does not include a gym membership.

There is $100 initial consult fee in the first month along with a 3 month commitment.

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One-on-One Nutritional Counseling

$75 per month

With our one-on-one nutritional counseling plan, you will be paired with a Nutrition Coach that is in your corner ready to work with you directly. Included in the first month is a one-hour face-to-face meeting where a baseline will be established to take measurements, review habits, troubleshoot challenges and strategize a plan for success.

This plan will defer to a maintenance plan after the first month, where e-mail and quick face to face communication with your Coach will keep you moving in the right direction. Issues and roadblocks in your plan can be discussed and overcome.

This package can be worked in person, or on-line remotely, so anyone can take advantage of this from anywhere.

There is $50 initial consult fee and a 3 month commitment with this program.

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